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Automation, is it good for us?

Automation, is it good for us?

According to statistics portal Statista, the global Automation market is set to reach $200 Billion by 2020. On a large scale, labour is being transformed.

Having evolved from the industrial revolution, todays Modern economy was built on automation and it fair to assume that the future of the modern economy will be too.

Popular opinion of automation fashions speculation of Job Stealing robots, but this clouds the reality of realistic Automation.

In our Modern self-aware society, Labour intensive services have translated into a sign of quality and luxury. The demand for skilled labour jobs worldwide is sky-rocketing.

Squeezing out inefficiencies in the manufacturing process on a large or small scale, will always be beneficial.

With technology advancing in leaps and bounds, businesses not incorporating more efficient methods will be likely to fall behind in repeatability and quality in the future.

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