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Brexit Vs Engineering

Brexit Vs Engineering

With the UK’s departure from the EU looming, many are left asking what it means for UK based manufacture and Engineering. The current morass that the UK appears to have itself in, only rattles the situation.

When it comes to Hiring and employment, many businesses and organisations such as the CBI have criticised the post Brexit international employment process as ‘administratively laboursome’ and costly.  This is likely to impact both large and small UK businesses.

Anna Leach, the CBI’s head of economic intelligence, said: “Brexit uncertainty is one of the biggest threats to growth in the UK manufacturing sector – both current and future – as firms prioritise stockpiling goods over investing in the future of their business.

Figures from a report by Engineering-UK in 2018 show that the UK faces a potential shortfall of 22,000 graduate level engineers per year that are required for current ongoing projects.

In opposition to the apparent shortfalls of a potential hard Brexit, many believe that the break away from European markets may encourage customers to explore what the UK Engineering sector has to offer when prices have the potential to be more competitive.

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